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Musing on the weather


Image: Scarborough Harbour, North Yorkshire, shot three weeks ago by Harold Maunders

Howard Maunders of Beautiful Britain writes -

Here in the north of England it continues to rain, and there's sleet tonight. It's hard to imagine that this week's desktop wallpaper was taken barely three weeks ago - will this atrocious weather ever end? Cockermouth and Workington continue to feature in the daily news and for them there is no respite. I know that you've mentioned Cumbria on your website along with the perhaps mythical global warming. Our last good summer was in 2006 and the 'doom and gloom' brigade had a field day, so much so that it was difficult to enjoy the glorious lazy, hazy days of summer. Britain will soon be a desert, they said, and we will all be planting cactus plants and tearing up our parched lawns. Now that it's cold and rains continually, global warming is to blame yet again. Mmmm?
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