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Hard to take this in


Daniel Hannan writes in the Telegraph -

We woke up in a different country today. Alright, it doesn’t look very different. The trees still seem black against the winter sun; the motorways continue to jam inexplicably; commuters carry on avoiding eye contact. But Britain is no longer a sovereign nation. At midnight last night, we ceased to be an independent state, bound by international treaties to other independent states, and became instead a subordinate unit within a European state.

Though it seems impossible, Hannan is right; yet we believe this strange subordination will not last. We think it will last about as long as the deal which King John made, when he turned England over to the Pope in 1213.

People are growing angry. They would rather enjoy the pleasures and mysteries of December with their children (see below), but when they finally realize that they and their children have been cheated out of their birthright they will do the right thing.

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Death Bredon:

Was it Winnie the Pooh who said that, if we ignore something hard enough, maybe it will go away? Well, I say let's just start ignoring the EU very hard indeed.

When I was instituted to a parish in the Church of England, I was required to swear an oath of assent to the formularies of the Church, set out in the 39 Articles of Religion, printed in the Book of Common Prayer.

Article 37 begins "The King's Majesty hath the chief power in this Realm of England, and other his Dominions, unto whom the chief Government of all Estates of this Realm, whether they be Ecclesiastical or Civil, in all causes doth appertain, and is not, nor ought to be, subject to any foreign Jurisdiction."

To acknowledge the superiority of E.U. law would be to break my oath and contrary to a good conscience.

I have always understood that any law based on an illegal act cannot, by it's nature, be law. Since our membership of the E.U. was procured by the action of Parliament ceding sovereignty to the E.U., contrary to the English Constitution and beyond it's own competence, this was an illegal act.

No law issuing from the E.U. is valid in this country, whether or not it has been endorsed by Parliament.

I would ask all those who have given their assent, before God, to the 39 Articles of Religion of the Church of England, to examine their conscience.


If there are enough citizens as aware as the first two commenters, we may witness a
solution to the conundrum of the irresistible force and the immovable object.

Godspeed from progeny who are wrestling with our own version of Marxist bureaucracy gone wild.

Death Bredon:

More power to the Rev. Wrake. May his noble declaration of conscientious objection lead to a new, successful nonjuring movement!

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