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Speaking from an English palace and a Chinese plane

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who lives in a palace, has advocated higher taxes. He is untroubled that higher taxes mean lower levels of job creation and fewer jobs for those in desperate need of them. He is careless about how the government will spend our tax money - on failing schools, bailing out banks, massive military increases for the European Union, second houses for MPs. . .

In contrast, in China, where they have lived miserably under Communism for sixty years, they are more interested in Adam Smith's views of the free economy and morality. They are particularly interested in Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments.

Adam Smith believed that a free economy would generate prosperity if it was moral. In fact, he believed that a free economy unregulated by Judaeo-Christian morals would fail.

That is what we have seen lately - a failure of morality and the destruction of basic principles of honesty, responsibility, transparency and accountability.

Should we laugh or cry? The Archbishop of Canterbury, speaking once again about something he knows nothing about, supports higher taxes which will hurt the poor and fails to speak about Judaeo-Christian ethics; China’s Premier Wen Jiabao travels with Adam Smith's Moral Sentiments in his suitcase.

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jlh :

“Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?”

Things like this even make it possible to look on Henry II with understanding. Isn’t this the same archbishop who said perhaps a little sharia would be all right? Is that like being a little bit pregnant?

As for taxes destroying jobs, surely that must be a libertarian myth. Just because the rich and famous are fleeing the increase in UK taxes as fast as citizens of New York are moving to the Southwest for the same reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t get water from this stone. And if it doesn’t work, perhaps the Archbishop can take as the theme of his Christmas homily: “Are there no prisons? Are there no poorhouses?”

When T. S. Eliot expounded on the Judaeo-Christian/Classical underpinning of European culture, it seemed so obvious as to be almost banal. Decades later, when Poland as a new member of the EU wanted to designate Europe as a Christian area, delicate noses wrinkled in distaste at the thought of such a blatantly un-PC declaration.

Oh, brave new world!

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