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Operation mincemeat

Robert Messenger reviews A Genius for Deception in the Wall Street Journal -

. . ."The beginnings of any war by the British are always marked by improvidence, improvisations, and too often, alas, impossibilities being asked of the troops." Improvisation defined British deception operations. Camouflaging soldiers in the field, building entire fake armies and fake cities to fool airborne reconnaissance and bombers, counter-sniping with dummy heads—all originated in the British amateur spirit and gift for discovering a way forward out of the strangest materials. . .

Any connection with the post below? You decide.

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jlh :

Clearly one of the disadvantages of a democracy going to war and shaking the dust out of its thinking processes. Not nearly so efficient as a good old tyrannical system led by, say, a Corsican genius or an Austrian racial prophet who know that the best thing to do is attack Moscow with overwhelming the winter.

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