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A small boy climbs

Newspapers around he world have published this story. Here is Daily India -

A 5-year-old Brit boy has emerged as the youngest person to scale all 214 peaks in Alfred Wainwright's Lake District guide books.

Sail Chapman, who is three feet ten inches tall and the third of five children, began walking the Cumbrian fells with his family from the age of two, as per the logs and photographs kept of their achievements.

His brothers Eire and Evan, aged eight and six, completed the Wainwrights a fortnight ago, and he followed in their footsteps when he reached the top of his namesake fell Sail which stands at 2,536ft.

Their parents, Dr David Chapman and Dr Clare Lavery, from Beverley, East Yorkshire, emphasise that the family's weekend walks are primarily for pleasure.

"Walking has always been something we've enjoyed. Each of the older boys' enthusiasm has rubbed off on Sail and he loves to keep up with his big brothers," the Telegraph quoted Dr Lavery as saying.

. . .Alfred Wainwright, who died in 1991 aged 84, climbed 214 Lake District summits to produce his seven world famous Pictorial Guides.

The Telegraph story has a photo of Sail holding a stuffed animal on top of a peak.

It's wonderful to hike in the Lake District.

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Bob Marshall:

Well done, young fellow! You are someone we can be proud of - again, congratulations!

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