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Lord Christopher Monckton's incendiary report on the governing classes and "climate change"

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John Randolph:

Of course President Obama shall sign. And, most probably, the United States Senate shall ratify -- though not without a vigorous debate in the US media.

BUT, where Lord Christopher is in error (an excusable one given that he is a gentleman), is in his unstated presumption that the United States considers itself, has ever considered itself, or ever shall consider itself, in any way, shape, or form, to be bound by its international treaties or agreements. To the contrary, as we Yanks have always done, we shall comply with, or ignore, any and all solemn treaties and agreements with friend and foe alike, depending solely on the whims of those in power "inside the Beltway" -- that twilight zone of quasi-reality as known as Washington, D.C.


All hail the Second Coming of Jimmy Carter and the final victory of Tweedledum and Tweedledee!

Indeed, "inside the beltway" is a noxious swamp. The difference is, it's our swamp, and once in a while, when we get the nerve, we can drain it. All we can do with a swamp that is directed from Beijing and Brussels is rub on some Deet and hope the worst of the mosquitoes don't notice us. Fat chance, since, as Lord Monckton said, we are the fattest target.

As to disregarding treaties and other agreements, match us against anyone else. It is probably only Americans who feel they must apologize for the less than proper acts of their own government. No one else in the world has that particular neurosis so strongly, although I do believe it is a genetic characteristic passed on from the UK.

Why is it that no one else in the world feels that they are inherently intolerant and guilty? Where else do whole segments of society swoon with distress at the barbarian acts of their government?

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