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In his honour - Button sews up the Formula One world championship

My co-editor has just limped back to England after a puncture, so this post is in his honour as he is a fan of Formula One racing when a Brit wins. And a Brit did win, though in his case he benefitted from someone else's puncture.

Jenson Button, a driver without a drive just nine months ago, has won the Formula One world championship after finishing fifth at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Rubens Barrichello, Button’s team-mate and main title rival, suffered a heartbreaking puncture in the latter stages to effectively seal Button’s triumph.
The Englishman began 14th on the grid but was soon into the points after an outstanding series of overtaking manoeuvres. . .

Button's ride to the top has not always been smooth.

UPDATE: Please see Ayrton Senna's "small quibble" in the comments. Duly noted!

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Ayrton Senna:

A small quibble:

Jenson Button had clinched the World Championship on the track BEFORE his teammate punctured, dropping from third to eighth. This is so, as Button only needed to finish sixth to Ruben Barrichello's third. So, Jenson's fifth place finish due to Ruben's bad luck had no role in creating yet another British Formula One Champion, it only (unnecessarily) padded the margin of victory a smidgin.

Additionally, I would note that Button has also has the most out-right victories for the season, demonstrating that he is indeed a worthy champion who did not merely "back into it." He has clearly been the best driver of the season.

Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the roads!

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