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Campaigner stows away to save Adelaide from the wrecker


The Adelaide in her glory. She was built in 1864.
Image: Historic Ship Prints

Yesterday, Maritime campaigner Peter Maddison stowed away on the Adelaide, the Wearside's most historic ship, to save her from the wrecker's yard.

A city councillor and chairman of the Sunderland City of Adelaide Recovery Foundation (Scarf), Maddison is holding a one-man protest to highlight the plight of the 150-year-old Wear-built clipper ship, which is now marked for destruction. He believes she can be restored while simultaneously inspiring young people, giving them skills in restoring her and creating jobs.

Like the Cutty Sark, which recently barely survived a devastating fire, the Adelaide has timber planking on a wrought iron frame. The composite method provided the structural strength of an iron ship combined with the insulation of a timber hull. She was fast, and spent years making annual runs to and from South Australia.

Researchers have estimated that a quarter of a million South Australians can trace their origins to passengers on the City of Adelaide. (Wikipedia)

Many have tried to save her from being demolished, including the Scottish Maritime Museum, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, Aidelaide, Australia, and the Australian government, but plans to restore her have been unsuccessful, and funds are drying up.

Good luck, Peter.

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Had it not been for Oliver Wendell Holmes'
"Aye, tear her tattered ensign down..." we would long ago have lost our Constitution. We can be terribly careless with our heritage. My added good luck to Peter.

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