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SOS to The Queen, David Cameron and Vaclav Klaus


The Queen

Iris Binstead of SOS sent us this letter from Anne Palmer, Michael Clark and Jeff Southall. They urge us to act - to take a small, vital action:

The Government and the House of Commons have had their say in ratifying the renamed Treaty of Lisbon.? The House of Lords have had their say in ratifying that same Treaty. Neither House have listened to the People that, in respect of the Lower House, sent them to Parliament to represent them.?They have ignored the people completely.?The High Court also refused judicial review on the previous EU Constitutional Treaty. The people have been denied their say at every point.
Invoking Clause 61 of Magna Carta, as repeated with great distinctness by Henry III (1216-72) " …it shall be lawful for every one in our realm to rise against us to use all the ways and means they can to hinder us … until that in which we have transgressed and offenced shall have been brought again into due state …"

I am very much aware that Clause 61 desires four of a quorum of Barons to take any grievances or petitions to the Monarch, but time is short and that was tried before at the time of the Treaty of Nice.

Will the barons try again? I would hope so. However, it is also the People’s duty to defend their Monarch and their Country; not only is their solemn Oath of Allegiance to the Crown, the people have a very strong desire and need for their Country to be free and for those we elect to actually instigate our laws, working with the European Union but not governed by them and particularly not forever.

The Treaty of Lisbon is a Treaty too far. . .?We can no longer stand by and do nothing. . .

There is now but one final recourse open to the Electorate, that being to ask Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the Treaty of Lisbon to be withdrawn and put before the People in a referendum, preferably before all 27 Countries ratify it and even if it has been ratified by all.

It is time for the people to use for themselves this section of their Common Law Constitution, the great Magna Carta Clause 61.?There is no point in having a Constitution if it remains dormant forever and unused and our laws are instigated by foreigners and simply transposed into the United Kingdom.?It is time the People of this Country spoke up to defend their Country and its unique Constitution.?This is so little to ask to try to save the peace of the Realm, particularly so when our forces are fighting and sadly dying to bring “Democracy” to the people of Afghanistan, which the people of Britain have been denied by their own Government.

No less than 40,000 people went in the first days to see the gold treasure of The Shropshire Hoard in Birmingham.?I would like to think we could inspire at least the same amount of people to write to Her Majesty - for the price of a British stamp.?I would like to hit one million really.?We have a duty to do quite apart from the fact that none of us want the contents of the Lisbon Treaty to apply. . .

Logistics: With a careful eye on the postal strike, timing becomes more important than ever. Therefore if you know anyone that is going down to London and is prepared to deliver the letters by hand, please use that method. I can’t see any letters being delivered by post before Monday, the 12th of October 2009, so the 40 days should start from that date. I hope every member of your family writes a letter to the Queen. Please spread the word as much as you can, and PLEASE write to your local AND the Daily Papers. The proposal does not just come from me, but from every person in Her Majesty’s Realm that wants their voices to be heard in a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon.

I will however, keep a tally on how many people have written to the Queen if you let me know. Letters to the Queen are the most important at this point in time. Thank you and good luck.

Anne Palmer JP
Michael A. Clark, Chairman, Covenant Publishing Company Ltd
Geoff Southall, C Eng., MIEE, MRIN

I would add that this letter is not the final recourse, but the letter to The Queen and the two letters below are worth sending immediately.

David Cameron


Image: Land of Hope and Glory /Wikipedia

Graham Wood writes - IMO Cameron can still be stopped in his tracks, and made to think again if he sees that his position on the referendum will deeply affect the all important support he needs before the next General Election. He is still very vulnerable, in spite of his poll ratings.

The Conservative Party leader's refusal to give whole-hearted support to a referendum rankles deeply, and so may I suggest:

1. All eurorealist organisations hammer him in no uncertain terms with the following message, asking members to besiege both Conservative Home, and Tory official website with this message:

Dear Mr Cameron,

As you refuse the British electorate their right to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (EU 'constitution'), as proposed in your original unqualified promise, we refuse to vote for your party at the next general election.

2. Circulate, and encourage memberships to support the petition.

Vaclav Klaus


Image: Petr Novák /Wikipedia

Graham also urges writing to Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic - Office of the President of the Czech Republic, Prague Castle, 119 08 Prague 1, Czech Republic.

Klaus has warned that the European Union is undemocratic. He has so far refused to sign the Lisbon Treaty on behalf of the Czech Republic as he believes it is unconstitutional under Czech law. He is now under relentless pressure to do so. Ask him to refrain from signing until Britain's next General Election, which must be called by May 2010, and give him your wholehearted support.

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