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Ed and Will looking for a place to practice (shiver) winter lore


From Ed and Will, the roamers and singers whose walkabout you've heard about -

Hello. We hope the turning season finds you well.

All moves swiftly. Our London gig was jolly, and with the Purcell Room’s microphones switched off, and the audience invisible behind stage-lights, we could chatter and have fun. It seemed to work. Thank-you to all who came, and to those who wished-well from afar.

From the city, we succumbed to the irresistible lure of home. It made perfect sense, and we both urgently required a good rest.

We are now preparing for our winter, which we hope to spend in a woodland in Wales. We want to live in temporary straw shelters with space and time to learn new skills. We aim to build earth ovens, a kiln, and make baskets, knives, spoons, bowls, cord, rugs, tools and clothing for the journeys to come.

We’ll document everything thoroughly, and share what we find. Come Spring and the rising sap, we’ll be walking northwards.

As low to the ground as we can, we'll live, gathering water and food, building our small homes from the matierials around us. It's going to be a fine busy winter. We’ll be recording an album of songs fresh learned, and there’s also this book to write.

Many preparations made, we're almost ready to head back to Wales. The only thing missing is the whereabouts. We have not yet found the right place.

What we seek is a stream, some woods, and a landowner’s permission to get on with it. We’ll be quiet, helpful, and no drain on anyone’s resources. If you know anyplace suitable, woodlands with streams, owned by friendly folk, please send word.

A fuller description of this winter project can be found here:

Likewise, if you have good knowledge of temporary winter settlement, in any respect, please write and advise us. Tips, tricks and templates, whether general or intensely specific, are absolutely needed. If this is not your area of expertise, but you know someone who does specialize in long cold wet months outside, please put us in touch with them.

Lastly, if you have an excess of wood-burning stoves, iron bath-tubs, solar-panels, honey, beeswax, seasoned firewood, straw-bales, chisels, a throwing axe, green canvas, hides, wool, fleeces or sheepskins, we'd love to talk...

Thank-you very much, friends and strangers alike, for sharing the time to follow our small journey. We are more than grateful.

Ed and Will

winter bless


Last winter they stayed home and made a CD.

Not only singing, they've been recounting what they find in deepest Britain.

They need a little assart in Wales. . .

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