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British eyes on the Czechs

With the Irish voting yes to the EU's Lisbon Treaty, freedom-loving Brits now look toward the only person still defying the undemocratic EU, Czech President Vaclav Klaus.

My mother was Czech. She was one of the few to escape through Czechoslovakia's barbed wire border into the West. The Czechs remember the misery and humiliation of being conquered and oppressed by the Nazis and then by their own Socialist government, backed by the tanks of the USSR. Forty years. More than two lost generations. When I visited - few could leave but Westerners with cash were welcome - I found misery and humiliation everywhere.

But the EU may look attractive. The Czech Republic is a small country. True, neither Switzerland nor Norway belong to the EU. But 27 countries do.

And few have seen what lies behind the mask.

Update: Hmm. The UN has just crowned Norway, which does not belong to the EU, the best country in the world to live.

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