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A patient man

Sorry to be so late posting. Caught up in life!


James Bowthorpe

You probably heard last week that James Bowthorpe became the fastest man to cycle the globe. Brits seem to have a zest for circling the world at top speed.

You have to wonder at James's grit, carrying 90 pounds, eating at petrol stations, crossing harsh, slick, high, hot and cold terrain, never thinking about the end of the road but only about the mile he was pedalling until he had put 18,000 under his tires.

Bowthorpe rode to raise money for Parkinson's research, the disease which killed his grandfather.

He survived an ambush in Iran, a collision with a wombat in Australia, food poisoning in India and tendonitis in both ankles.

He's a cabinetmaker by trade, and a patient, persevering man. He hasn't raised many £s yet, but we think he will. if you like, you can help him tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạnghere.

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