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Anglo-Saxon hoard unearthed

In Sharing the Inheritance , the book we're readying for publication, we wrote, "hill forts and fields still guard chariot fittings, shields, swords, jewels and gold necklaces". Now another field has given up its secrets.


Image: The Guardian

Mr Herbert, 55, from Burntwood in Staffordshire, has discovered the biggest cache of 7th century Anglo-Saxon gold silver artefacts ever discovered.

Terry Herbert was working with a battered 14-year-old metal detector in a farmer's field in Staffordshire in what was once the Kingdom of Mercia. He found 1500 "jewel-encrusted gold and silver treasures", including sword hilts and Christian Crosses.

Thrilling. Makes us want to buy a metal detector. You think there might be a run on 'em?

This is the very century when Aidan and Oswald lived. We hope we learn something about the original creators and owners. . .

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