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The Elizabeth Cross in the light of government failures


The Government has sent British men and women into war without adequate equipment or support. As we've frequently noted, Richard North of Defence of the Realm has been reporting on the Government's shocking dereliction of duty for years. The mainstream media has belatedly begun issuing similar reports.

We now learn from Englishman's Castle and the Sun that -

THE Queen has vented her anger over the Army equipment crisis directly with No10, it was claimed last night. Internationally-respected historian Andrew Roberts says the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles are up in arms over the failure to provide Our Boys with bomb-proof vehicles and enough helicopters.

He said: "They are all furious with Gordon Brown over sub-standard equipment in Helmand". . .as the Prime Minister spent the traditional weekend with The Queen at Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

Her Majesty might consider perusing Defence of the Realm for insightful and up-to-date reports.

The loss of men and women in the Armed Forces is a heart-breaking tragedy for their families.

Last week,

The Queen presented ">the military honour that bears her name to the grieving families of six soldiers killed fighting overseas for Britain.

It was the first time she had personally presented the Elizabeth Cross, awarded to the next of kin of armed forces personnel who are killed in active service or as a result of terrorism. The Cross is a mark of national recognition of their loss.

A higher mark of national recognition would be improving equipment and pay.

It would be a small tribute to the men and women risking their lives.

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