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"Friendship and esprit de corps and decorum"

My brief and extremely amateurish foray on a golf course a few weeks ago had me looking with interest at the Wall Street Journal account of the Walker Cup. John Paul Newport reported on the 42nd Walker Cup match, which begins Saturday at the Merion Golf Club near Philadelphia.

. . .The two squads, one from the U.S. and one from Great Britain and Ireland, play two days of matches in alternate shot and singles format only (no best ball, no stroke play) on courses that, in the U.S. at least, are as exclusive and historic as they get.

. . . In choosing the teams, on-course performance is not the only consideration. In fact, according to US team captain Buddy Marucci, it ranks significantly behind a player's ability to represent his country with integrity and good sportsmanship. "The matches were founded with an emphasis on esprit de corps, friendship and decorum, and it's incumbent on the players and the captains to continue to pass that down over time," Mr. Marucci told me Thursday, standing on the porch of the stately white clapboard clubhouse at Merion, where he is a longtime member. . .

On our humble green, we received the same generous grace from a woman golfer held up by our play which consisted all too often of shots to the right of us and shots to the left of us disappearing into the trees. . .

Beautiful traditions.

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>>shots to the right of us and shots to the left of us disappearing into the trees. . .

Oh, no you didn't!
Shots to the right of us, shots to the left of us, disappearing into the trees, into the sandtraps of death rode six hundred!


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