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Simple examples of value

Dalrymple's essay on money and inflation, which we linked to below, made me think about value. Here are a few items I happened on this weekend that seem to me to have great value -

My co-editor delivered a baby last night. All went well for mother and child. The small Canadian hospital usually sends a mother in labour to a larger hospital two hours down the road, but there was no time for that.

A barn concert at Castlestreet Farm, North Devon. You probably won't have heard about it - it was just one of thousands of small, lovely events that occurred this summer. Three young artists performed in the beautiful acoustics of an old stone barn - Rachel Smith on flute; Edward Smith on cello; and Jonathan Griffiths, David's nephew, on organ. Friends, family and neighbours heard music by Krebs, Debussy, Beethoven, Maria Therese von Paradis, Frederick the Great, Gluck, Mendelssohn and Bach.

In July more than 50 parishioners from Christ Church, Winchester, were in Africa, helping with health, primary education, water and sanitation in the Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

They are simple examples, but they seem to me to have great value. Our lives are full of examples like this. . .

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