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King George III not forgotten


Don't worry. King George says these protests are manufactured.

Image: Michael Ramirez, IBD

As you recall, George III's British subjects in America launched the first tea party. Initially they were angrier with Parliament which had imposed taxes for which they had not voted.

Tea parties are now taking place all over America as citizens express their concerns that huge budget deficits will mean high taxes and hurt their children, government plans to take over health care will create a mediocre system, paying for 50 million uninsured Americans will inflict rationing on older Americans and no one in Congress is reading these 1,000 page-bills before voting for them. Being called Un-American and Nazis by their elected officials because they have expressed their views has not gone over well either.

Link thanks to Powerline. Tea party details at Instapundit.

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Dan Fintak:

crazy world we live in when an American citizen is called a nazi (national SOCIALIST) by a government slowly moving toward socialism for protesting the move. That's what it's all about over here. We at the tea parties don't want to go that way. If we were to chose we'd hold to our founding principles, especially the bill of rights, which our government seems not to care about fully. It seems like the first amendment is being threatened by the FCC, people who love the second amendment are always called crazy, and the tenth amendment seems almost dead (except in Montana, Texas, and Virginia.)

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