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Poets and soldiers in Afghanistan

There are many things we would change if we could - properly paying and outfitting British soldiers would be at the top of our list, just behind making sure the mission was worth their lives.

Greg Lance-Watkins has published a sardonic poem from a soldier in Afghanistan. The government's treatment of soldiers has not improved in a hundred (or, judging by Queen Elizabeth I) 500 years.


L to R: Corporal Pat Cunningham; Sgt Lee Wotherspoon; Gunner Jake Beale. They are working radios on different nets, plotting their own solutions and sharing information. Image: Michael Yon

Following a British platoon into action before dawn, Michael Yon reports on the professionalism, courage and kindness of British soldiers in No Young Soldiers. Loads of photos. Link thanks to Instapundit.

Meanwhile the Taliban they are fighting destroy a village's only bridge and throw acid into the faces of schoolgirls.

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