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State secrets


The Met predicted a "barbecue summer".
Image: BBC

Met weather scientists, who have failed to accurately predict the weather for three summers in a row, are refusing to release their temperature figures, which are linked to a computer that predicts global warming for the UN. They are hiding behind diplomatic privilege. Does this sound like science you can believe in?

The indispensable Christopher Booker has the details.


Gaseous pillar in the Eagle Nebula, M-16. Edmond Halley was the first to suggest that nebulae are clouds of interstellar gas in development.
Photo: NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team, ? notice

The Western world long enjoyed an attitude to science dramatically different from the Met's. This was a science that produced real results. Among its heroes was Edmond Halley, who shared all his information - he published the first map of the winds on Earth’s surface, led the earliest global magnetic survey, established the first mortality tables and gave us his reasons for predicting the return of his eponymous comet. Halley even paid the printing costs for Newton's Principia.

Which kind of science do you prefer?

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