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News on the intelligence of dogs and cats


Controversial news -

Dr. Britta Osthaus of England's Canterbury Christ Church University carried out a series of experiments testing the intelligence of domestic cats in order to determine their processes of thinking. . ."

If you thought that dogs were proved more intelligent in this test, you are right.

If you thought that cats were too independent to bother with this test, you are right.

In the Four Loves, CS Lewis declared -

Dogs and cats should always be brought up together. It broadens their minds so.

Patty, a friend of mine in Portland who is the widow of an English vicar, lives with Riley, a dog rescued from the pound, and two cats. Though Sooty and Gigi (the beauty of the family) find Riley's rambunctiousness hard to bear at times, I have seen all three comfortably sprawled together on Patty's sitting room rug. Their happiness must be due to their mistress - she is kind, playful and firm.

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