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Live to fight another day

I am visiting family in West Chester, Pennsylvania, for the next week so some days posting may be light.

The Battle of Brandywine took place just a few miles away from my aunt’s house on Lafayette Street and almost destroyed the American Revolutionary cause. In my opinion the cause for which Americans fought was the cause of all freedom-loving British men and women.

The cause survived the battle due to the bravery of Lafayette, the chivalry of a British soldier who forbore to shoot Washington in the back, Washington's dashing courage later in the day, the heroism of African American Hector Edward Hector, who rescued the cannon, the grit of Weedon’s Virginians whose fighting retreat bought the American Army time, and the gallantry of Pole Count Casimir Pulaski, whose cavalry covered the Americans so they could live to fight another day.

Living to fight another day is a good thing - considering the alternative. However, as you'll see in David's post on Rodney Atkinson's new CD below, having to refight battles you had already won is a bit aggravating. It would be a good idea to handle the problem now, before it gets any worse.

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