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The terrible history behind the EU


“The facts you outline about different personalities who stood behind the European integration process are not much known and I think they should be”. -President Vaclav Klaus, The Czech Republic, writing to Rodney Atkinson in July 2008

THE NAZIS AND FASCISTS WHO FOUNDED THE EUROPEAN UNION - AND THEIR INFLUENCE TODAY is a new recording on CD of a speech at a public meeting at the Houses of Parliament in February 2008 by Rodney Atkinson. He is a remarkable man, an author, former ministerial adviser and a past lecturer at the University of Mainz, who tells the detailed story of an unmentionable truth –

"The EU was founded and initially led by “former” Nazis and Fascists, as was the Charlemagne Prize awarded to Tony Blair, Edward Heath, Roy Jenkins and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe."

"No wonder", says Atkinson,"that their influence today has reproduced the policies and structures of 1940s Europe for that is what the fascists among its founders intended".

It is almost too shocking to hear, but hear it we must.

Atkinson brings all his highly commended research and reports together in the CD, which can be obtained for a small charge Post free from Compuprint Publishing, St Omers House, St Omers Road, Gateshead NE11 9EL.

Previous reviews of Atkinson's work -

"Records in convincing, sombre and well researched detail the destruction of the nation state. All who cherish our heritage should buy this book.” -Sir Louis Le Bailly, Former Director General, Defence Intelligence Staff

"Atkinson’s awareness of the current dangers is timely and well developed. . .an enlightening study." -The Morning Star

"Thank you for sending me your brilliant expose Fascist Europe Rising." -Count Nikolai Tolstoy.

"Excellent, fascinating." -Nobel Laureate, Milton Friedman

"The author has done a superb job in seeking to alert literate people to the colossal and dangerous impudence of corporate power which has already emasculated elected national legislatures." -The Fourth World Review

"Atkinson's thorough research and full documentation of the Euro-Elites fine meshed power network." -Det ny Notat, Copenhagen.

"A unique and refreshing defence of liberty." -Laissez Faire Books, New York

“Closely and cleverly reasoned.” -Matthew Parris, The Times

"Atkinson's thorough research and full documentation of the Euro-Elites fine meshed power network." -Det ny Notat, Copenhagen.

"As acute, witty and well documented as ever." -Encounter

"Brilliantly argued." -Financial Times Energy Economist

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tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạng
Piers Wilson:

I see protesters striding around outside parliament and I hear the speech bellowing out from the loudspeakers.

I've long said that the EU is detrimental and dangerous beyond belief and should be little more than what it was portrayed to us initially; an economic community not a political one.

I've done nothing about it as yet I'm afraid to say. I'm a 19 y.o. on my way to University in September, but I am happy in bidding my time for now as I feel a sure building of momentum moving toward every member country realising the truth of the EU, and I am certain that once this occurs the EU as a political entity is finished.

I already see it happening. This blunder by the incapable government of today has only accelerated the process. People's eyes are drawn to the intricacies of the political web and even the most ignorant of people are learning and asking questions.

The grains of sand are running thin in the EU's hour glass as it were, thank God.

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