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Lunar laughter

On a very different note from Keats -

Discreetly taking cover behind quotation marks, The Telegraph published an article headlined -

Moon landing anniversary: 10 reasons the Apollo landings were 'faked'.

"Not that any of this idiocy deserves response", responded a commentator who calls himself the Stig, then shot down the 10 claims of fakery advanced.

For those interested in British achievements, another commentator, Colin Jeffrey, helpfully wrote -

Having landed on the moon, astronauts set up reflective devices (made in Britain) so that the distance to the moon can be measured from earth by laser. They are still regularly used.

And Achilleas Georgiou quipped, "Personally, I think that this puts the Telegraph on par with The Sun".

This is "the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest, bravest adventures ever known in the history of exploration. . ."

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