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Hillsboro tea party


Image: Donald Tilton

I mentioned in the 4th of July post below that I was attending a tea party. There were parties in Portland and Hillsboro, Oregon, and in thousands of other American towns and cities.

I attended the tea party in Hillsboro, the seat of Washington County, which still has a county fair and blue hills visible beyond green and gold fields and hi-tech campuses.

Hundreds of people attended. Don Tilton kindly forwarded us photos, which show some of them.

As you recall, the original tea party dumped hundreds of chests of tea to steep in Boston Harbour because Americans, British subjects at the time, did not want to be taxed without having a say in how their tax money was spent. Parliament had not only taxed the tea without giving Americans a voice, it had given the East India Company concessions that allowed it to undercut competitors.

Today, governments on both sides of the Atlantic have gone mad spending the people's money, supposedly to pump their economies. Government pumping does not work well, and the US stimulus bill, which was unread by the Congress that approved it, was a pork fest for special interests, none more special or interested than members of Congress themselves. The debt that will come due as a result of this spending will be a doozy. No one is sure how it will be paid back.

The people attending the tea parties are as disgusted with Republicans as they are with Democrats. Public loathing of politicians in both Britain and America is growing.


The green ribbons on their hands spoke of their solidarity with the people of Iran.

Why did I attend? Because President Obama and Congress are seeking to control a vast, creative and vital free economy that exists due to the creativity of millions of people. They are seeking to impose socialism - government-corporate control of the economy. I saw socialism firsthand when I visited my grandmother in what was then Czechoslovakia and is now the Czech Republic. It was ghastly.

Deadly, demeaning, corrupt, inefficient, depressing and mortifying.

Congress may prefer the French quasi-socialist example. It looks so pleasant there when they visit on their taxpayer-paid junkets. Apparently they never tour the French ghettos or meet with the "lost generation", the young men between 18 and 30 who are unemployed and unlikely ever to hold a job according to French government sources.

UPDATE: Mike Daily sent a link to photos he shot of Tea Party protesters marching in Hillsboro's 4th of July Parade.

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"Deadly, demeaning, corrupt, inefficient, depressing and mortifying."

But it's so satisfying for those who hold the reins of power and the purse strings.

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