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Medical contributions


David is writing about British medical contributions. Here are the highlights, with links to our files. Almost everybody I know has benefited from one or more of these discoveries and inventions.

Discovering circulation of blood

Discovering citrus fruits prevent scurvy

Discovering digitalis helps the heart

Vaccinating against smallpox

Discovering nitrous oxide, the first anaesthetic

Diagnosing Hodgkin's Disease

Founding neuroscience

Diagnosing Addison's Disease

Founding endocrinology

Diagnosing Bright's Disease

Discovering the first usable anaesthesia

Discovering poor sanitation causes cholera and many other diseases and problems (Voted the most important medical advance ever by the BMJ)

Establishing epidemiology

Establishing antiseptic surgery

Inventing the oxygen machine

Discovering the cause of malaria

Discovering the cause of Malta Fever

Discovering the cause of sleeping sickness

Founding the science of genetics

Discovering vitamins

Inventing the X-ray spectrometer

Vaccinating against typhoid

Discovering insulin (in Canada)

Discovering penicillin

Establishing the structure of penicillin, insulin, & B12

Discovering DNA

Discovering smoking causes cancer

Inventing hip replacements

Inventing beta blockers to stop heart attacks

Synthesizing a drug that blocks the over-production of acid by the stomach

Inventing the defibrillator

Establishing modern hospice care

Inventing CT (CAT) scans

Inventing MRI

Inventing keyhole surgery for babies

Discovering Helicobacter pylori causes gastritis and peptic ulcer disease (in Australia)

Helping to map the Human Genome

Regenerating nerve cells

I wish I could thank all those creative and hard-working people.

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Establishment of the first blood transfusion service.

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