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The sun is setting, the last quiet light fading, the swallows swirling, and I haven't had time to post. I've been collecting images for Sharing the Inheritance and rewriting. Rewriting has become my middle name. One night, with text edits rising and falling in my brain, and unable to sleep, I began rereading the last love in Four Loves by CS Lewis.

The following paragraph struck me. It made me wince and smile -

In reality we all need at times, some of us at most times, that Charity from others which, being Love Himself in them, loves the unlovable. But this, though a sort of love we need, is not the sort we want. We want to be loved for our cleverness, beauty, generosity, fairness, usefulness. The first hint that anyone is offering us the highest love of all is a terrible shock. . .

How true, I thought!

We are all receiving Charity, writes Lewis. There is something in each of us that cannot be naturally loved. It is no one's fault if they do not so love it.

Fair enough.

But perhaps those unlovable aspects are not so important? Perhaps, as Julian of Norwich thought, we are more lovable than we think?

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