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Happy Canada Day!


Yoho National Park in Canada's Rocky Mountains

Canadians celebrate Canada today.



In 1839 the British Parliament began to wonder what to do about the energetic people living in British colonies north of the United States. Parliament asked for recommendations. An unlikely trio provided them.

They were the Earl of Durham (also known as 'Radical Jack'), brilliant Charles Buller, and Edward Gibbon Wakefield, who had written about land reform in Australia while languishing in Newgate prison, where he had been sent for eloping with an under-age heiress.

In a blunt report they recommended a union of the colonies with local self-government which would give the people real control over their own destinies. We could use their like today in a Parliament that seems all too willing to cede the destinies of the British people to the European Union, but I digress.


Parliament Hill, Ottawa. Canada's Constitution and Her Majesty's Government in Canada are modelled after the British Constitution. Image: Wikipedia

Empires are not in the habit of willingly granting self-rule to their people. In 1867, in the British North America Act, Britain did.



Under the rule of just laws which protect their property and their lives, Canadians have been creating their own destinies ever since. They have created the invisible wealth that comes when people help each other. What once was Dominion Day is now Canada Day. Cheers!

Exploring Canada with Alexander Mackenzie is here. The St Lawrence Seaway is here. Newfoundland is here. Making the invisible visible in Vancouver is here.


Canada's NEOSS space telescope

In addition to monitoring the Sun's magnetic energy, Canada is building the world’s first space telescope designed to detect and track asteroids as well as satellites. Called NEOSSat (Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite), this spacecraft will improve surveillance of asteroids that pose a collision hazard with Earth. It builds on Canada’s expertise in compact “microsatellite” design."


Image: Windsor Star

Canada's banks are strong and Canadians have kept their loonie clear of the debt swamps. The Canadians I've met have been relaxed and kind. There are good things going on.

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