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At Oxford and Cambridge this summer



Lovely work if you can get it. Judith Thrush Carter says -

I’ve taken botanical illustration, Elizabethan music, the Vikings in Britain, introduction to archaeology, and the gardens of Oxford.

My first class was taught by a composer, and there were only six of us. We heard the lectures in the morning, and we went to see a wonderful collection of musical instruments right next door. Then the next day we went to the library and saw the manuscripts that these Elizabethan composers actually wrote. In the evening we would go to the church in Exeter College and they would have a concert of the same music that we had studied in class. There’s a cathedral that has a sung service right before dinner. And so we also went to that and heard them sing the music we had studied. . .

Raymond Boyce studied Viking literature and artifacts at Downing College, Cambridge. In the evening he studied the pubs. . .

The Wall Street Journal reports on "taking classes at fabled universities".

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