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Waterloo's impact

Jules Crittenden says that June 18th marks the day, 194 years ago, that "the stage was set for our world" -

Though America was at odds with the British in those days, Wellington’s victory at Waterloo was not simply a victory for Britain . . .and not just a victory for Europeans, free of French domination to pursue their own patchwork fits and starts toward modern nationhood and democracy.

Waterloo’s final result cleared the way for English to become the world’s new lingua franca, for English Common Law, English education, English capitalism, and. . .English notions of freedom and equality to become worldwide templates and ideals. It shaped our world.

A brief accounting in the Liberty Timeline shows how beastly Napoleon was. Stopping him was a good thing, though, as Crittenden points out, bloody.

Link thanks to Instapundit.

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