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Updates - Magna Carta and Iran

GW at Howling Wolf responded to our Magna Carta entry by pointing out where the rights of Magna Carta appear in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

He also has a fascinating and inspiring update on the men and women still resisting government oppression in Iran. (Our post on Tehran and William Penn is below.) And the Anchoress has written up a storm.

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To President Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

It has come to my attention recently that the American Constitution & the Bill of Rights is using parts of the Magna Carta; & the U.S. Government is once again actively disseminating its ideals.

I should remind you that the Magna Carta is proprietary information & that dissemination without the requisite license agreement is copyright infringment & not politically correct!

Since I have saved the world & indebited the British Nation to the tune of GBP2,000,000,000,000 I should be grateful if you revolutionary miscreants would pay the license fee or the FBI may prosecute you.


First Secretary to the Treasury, Brown.

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