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'They must lead themselves'

As we struggle with a multitude of challenges today, the Anchoress links to a piece on Dorothy Sayers and an excellent and passionate piece of advice.

It is early during World War II, and the advice comes from Lord Peter Wimsey, Sayers's fictional detective, who is 'somewhere in France'. He writes to his wife Harriet, urging her to

tell the people: They must not continually ask for leadership—they must lead themselves. This is a war against submission to leadership, and we might easily win it in the field and yet lose it in our own country.

I have seen the eyes of the men who ask for leadership, and they are the eyes of slaves. . . they must not look to the State for guidance—they must learn to guide the State. Somehow you must contrive to tell them this. It is the only thing that matters.

Worth remembering on D-Day.

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But then Lord Peter didn't have a phalanx of self-annointed, self-perpetuating pcs - political commissars; opportunistic lawyers, ethic advisors, media spin doctors etc. dissecting his every word & action to ensure compliance with "the one & only true faith".

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