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Saluting the 51st


The evacuation of British and Allied troops at Dunkirk ended successfully on June 4th 1940, in large part because the British 51st (Highland) division covered the retreat. The division was made up of the Black Watch, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Gordon Highlanders, Seaforth Highlanders and the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Many were captured or killed.

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tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạng
A Betts:

Such Scottish sacrifice to defend the U.K. from an invasion by Hitler.

Modern PC-brainwashed & cowered brits can't even stop illegals from invading these islands from Calais. Probably they are too busy anyway voting today for that pc-approved successor to Hitler.

No wonder the Scots want independence!

Oh dear! Said the wrong thing again!

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