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A big remodel


MPs have stolen the people's money, dragged Britain into an abyss of debt and failed to defend Britain's freedom and independence. Historian Niall Ferguson describes the challenge today and a similar challenge in 19th century Britain. He mentions William Cobbett, one of our heroes -

A national debt,' he wrote, 'and all the taxation and gambling belonging to it, have a natural tendency to draw wealth into great masses - for the gain of a few.' Now, Cobbett lamented, 'the Debt, the blessed Debt' was 'hanging round the neck of this nation like a millstone'.

Ring a bell? It should. Under Gordon Brown's stewardship of the nation's finances, we have witnessed both an explosion of public debt and a marked increase in inequality.

Big reforms were finally made in the 1830s, and they were good and led to prosperity.

Author Peter Hitchens, also writing in the Daily Mail, does not believe any of the main parties can be reformed. He has a different idea -

There is only one kind of reform we need: end, instantly, the State support (including the semi-secret ‘Short Money’) given to the main parties. Cancel their guaranteed rights to party political broadcasts.

Ban any donation bigger than £50. Within weeks, these empty, arrogant, elite organisations would collapse. . .and make room for the foundation of proper new parties that speak for us, rather than for the liberal elite.

A big remodel is in order.

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