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How long can the pols ignore the polls?

Andrew Stuttaford reports -

On the eve of the European Election, a new ICM/TaxPayers' Alliance landscape poll on attitudes to the European Union has revealed that voters of all political allegiances, all social classes and all regions are overwhelmingly in support of radical direct action by the British Government against harmful EU policies - saying that Britain should break EU rules and then refuse to pay any consequent fines.

The poll, of 1,002 adults, also reveals a wider dissatisfaction with the European Union and a radical majority against the Euro, the Lisbon Treaty and further integration, and in support of removing powers from the EU. The financial crisis and the recession have made the British people far more eurosceptic. There are serious connotations for the main political parties, too. Amongst Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat voters a large majority of each parties' supporters feel that none of the main parties adequately represent their views on Britain's future relationship on the EU.

They don't.

Poll after poll confirms that the British people are not being fooled. They can see and feel the costs of the arrogant and incompetent EU. This fact - and the huge costs to Britain from staying in the EU - may finally be affecting the politicians.

At a hustings I just attended in Oxford with representatives from the three major parties, United Kingdom First, UKIP and two other parties, only the Lib-Dems seemed at all enthusiastic about the EU project.

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