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Upholding the Covenant


We've mentioned that we're working on a book called SHARING THE INHERITANCE. We think part of our Inheritance is a covenant - a mutual contract - between leader and people.

The covenant between the leader and the people or between political representatives and the people comes down to this - leaders are to protect the people's laws, customs and liberties and to give the people justice. In turn, the people pledge to support their leaders.


Edward the Confessor holds the Coronation Ring that symbolizes the covenant between Sovereign and People.
Detail, Wilton Diptych

Dunstan was the harp-player, ironsmith, monk and political reformer in the 10th century who created the British Covenant between leader and people by drafting the Coronation Oath and establishing the Coronation Ceremony. The idea of a Covenant between leader and people will have momentous consequences for freedom and representative government.

As you see in our posts below, most recently in Yeoman's Cottage, many Brits believe that their political leaders have broken their Covenant with them.

Americans are also increasingly concerned that their elected 'leaders' are not listening to them, that they promised one thing, but are giving them something else entirely - something they don't want. We'll be interested in seeing how that plays out. We support the rights and freedoms of the people - their birthright of liberty which is part of their Inheritance.

We're told that Covenant will be part of the British Constitutional Group's conference, Lawful Rebellion.

It's an interesting subject because half-a-dozen English sovereigns and quite a few prime ministers have been sacked because they broke their covenant with the people.

Covenant Image by Chris Ambrose / Sharing the Inheritance

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kate b:

Yes, the covenant is with our sovereign/government and heirs FOREVER according to the Magna Carta 1215; especially freedom to worship the G*D of Jacob which is increasingly under attack from the secular and strange ideologies masquerading as faiths.

I shall take a look at the British Constitutional Group.

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