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Will the violent bear it away?

The story below will not seem heroic to you unless you believe that fighting fascist tyranny in World War II was a worthwhile cause.

The idea that anyone would give their life fighting for a noble cause is not in fashion today. Many people profess non-violence. They believe that the whole world can be made non-violent. They may be right. And it is certainly true that they have to start somewhere and the best place to start is with themselves.

History, however, does not provide much support for their beliefs. Historically, the non-violent have been the victims of the violent.

Again, this does not mean that history has to endlessly repeat viciousness, but it is worth considering. No matter how many people support non-violence, there will always be some who will use horrific violence to increase their wealth and power. How do you stop them?

The United Nations has not been able to stop the murder of millions in Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur or the Middle East.

The Allies used force to quell the violence of the Nazis, Imperial Japan and Italy. Largely as a result, Brits, Americans, Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis, Japanese and most Europeans lived fairly peacefully for five decades. American and British forces guaranteed that western Europe would be free from Soviet aggression. American force in other parts of the world created more problems than it solved.

The question we still face today - how do we respond to nation-led violence?

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