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Has it finally occurred to Her Majesty? And to us?


The exposure of so many political figures as immoral, dishonest and possibly even criminal has reportedly dismayed Her Majesty.

Has it finally occurred to Her Majesty that there is a reason why the Royal Assent should not be given automatically to Parliament's bills? Does a Parliament of wastrels who have sold out our country deserve Her Majesty's automatic and obedient assent?

We have argued that our Sovereign's right to refuse to give assent to unconstitutional or corrupt bills is one of the protections of the British Constitution. The right to refuse assent issues out of the Sovereign's covenant with her people to defend their laws and liberties - even from their disgraceful MPs.

Now, about us. Don't you feel it is time we overhauled the way MPs are selected and elected and compensated?

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A Betts:

If sovereignty in a modern nation is in the hands of the people, then we need a completely new system at Westminster, with two elected houses including an elected chamber of 100 Representatives - not affliated to any political party - to oversee the Commons.

The Monarch should be given real written powers to protect the constitutionality of Parliament's decisions &, where there is no agreement between the two elected Houses, & or the monarch considers an act unconstitional, he/she may institute a referedumn for a 66% mandatory judgement of the public.

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