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Liberty or tyranny

On Tuesday we posted about the ghastly action of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith who banned my favourite radio show host Michael Savage from Britain because she hates what she has been told he says on American radio. So what's our problem with her ban?

There's no problem except that the ethically challenged Home Secretary, who uses government money to pay for her husband's porn, has lumped Savage in with a gang of murderers merely for his non-violent words and thoughts and sent a chilling message to all of us.

There's no problem aside from her Orwellian suggestion that anyone who disapproves of or is "offended" by speech can veto other people's free speech.

There's no problem aside from the thousands of self-defined violent Islamists who have been allowed en masse into Britain or who have been raised here and who are not being banned, but supported on the dole.

There is no problem aside from the fact that the government is terrified of ideas and a government that fears ideas is a government to be feared and despised.

There is no problem aside from an assault on free speech, the tradition that has encouraged the liberation of science and the arts and women and is a cornerstone of western civilization.

What is to be done?

Edmund Burke wrote -

Wise men [and women] will apply their remedies to vices, not to names; to the causes of evil which are permanent, not to the occasional organs by which they act, and the transitory modes in which they appear.

In other words, it is hopeless to change the people in government and expect them to really represent us unless the way they are selected and elected is changed. They are now held hostage - all too willingly - by their party and their whips. They lack independence of action.

Suggested change No. 1: MPs would be far more likely to respond to the people they represent if they were nominated by a constituency-wide vote in a primary election and were not selected by the party hierarchy. As you recall, when the people wanted a vote on Lisbon and the party whips didn't, MPs were whipped into line and we were denied the referendum we had been promised.

Suggested change No. 2: Only allow persons to stand who have already spent at least fifteen years in science, the arts, farming, engineering, business or raising children. Do not allow lawyers or PR people to stand for Parliament. You have to have some standards.

Suggested change No. 3: Return government to the British Constitution.

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tội cá độ bóng đá qua mạng

Lol . . . . being an attorney, I happen to fully concur with your second suggestion. What was that quote from Shakespeare anyway . . . ? Far too many attorneys have made of their lives an effort to redefining the law to fit their personal views rather than interpret the laws with an eye toward the intent of the drafters.

Actually, on a serious note, your first suggestion has merit, though there is also another problem that you run into when you have true popular elections at, what would be for you, the MP level. Often the only people that can afford to run are those with very significant personal fortunes. Thus have we been cursed with the Kennedy clan and a bevy of pampered millionaires in our government, few if any have a clue about life in the trenches. Actually, I think the French might have solved that one, at least in the manner in which they conduct their Presidential elections.


Well said, and thank you for your site: I use it as my home site, to remind me each day of the great and inspiring country I must help defend at all costs.

"and there's another country I've heard of long ago, most dear to them that love her, most great to them who know;"


You should take care not to leave the country. They might not let you back in.
My theory of government stems from a visit years ago to a re-creation of a bronze-age settlement in southern germany. It was built in lake constance on pilings and the only entrance was by boat through a gate on the lake side. One of the visitors asked what the residents did about garbage and was told that it all went overboard inside the walls. So why didn't it collect until it became intolerable? Every 5 years or so, there was large tide that swept across the lake. They opened the gate and it carried all the trash away. Then they started all over again.
Both of our countries need a broad-based cleansing. But even if it should happen, against all expectation, it won't be long before the refuse left by greed and laziness begins to accumulate again.
It's a lousy system, but better than any others.


Most MPs, lawyers & lobbyists are manipulators of the law for personal gain & fulfilment; not guardians of justice,righteousness & morality.

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