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Lord Monckton speaks; Savage savaged; liberty or tyranny?

Was American radio host Dr Michael Savage banned from Britain for his denial of global warming or for his frank discussions of violent Islamists and illegal immigration? How could the British Government confuse him with murderers when Dr Savage has never, ever advocated violence?

Lord Monckton, who served as science adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was invited to testify with Al Gore at a U.S. Congressional hearing about global warming. But House Democrats, led by Rep. Henry Waxman, slammed the door in Lord Monckton's face, and refused to allow him to speak.

Shortly after the non-hearing, Lord Monckton gave his account to Savage and explained why Al Gore is wrong about global warming. You can listen to his interview here.

The good news is that Lord Monckton makes sense and that he was able to speak freely on the radio.

I love living in England, but one of the things I like about being in the United States is listening to talk radio rather than the one-sided BBC. It is refreshing to hear different views expressed and discussed. After all, what else is freedom of speech about? And how else can we arrive at a thoughtful decision unless we hear all points of view?

Michael Savage has the third-most listened to radio programme in America. His views on global warming (actually cooling, it turns out), the hazard of violent Islamists, and his support for "borders, language and culture" are often passionately expressed. He is a great defender of the U.S. Constitution.

The bad news is that in a move eerily reminiscent of Stalinists, he was one of sixteen people "named and shamed" today by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who has banned him from entering Britain.

This is outrageous.

It is an outrage to freedom of speech and ancient British traditions of liberty. The whole point of free speech is to protect unpopular speech, but in fact Dr Savage's speech would probably be popular with many people in Britain today if they were lucky enough to be able to hear him.

It does seem strange, doesn't it, that a few days after his interview with the banned Lord Monckton, Michael Savage himself should be publicly denounced as banned by the British Government.

Having listened to Dr Savage, I suspect that he will have the last laugh.

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So what's their excuse for banning Savage? I don't listen to Savage, but what has he done other than speak? What is wrong when Bill Ayers, who actually bombed things, is a hero and Michael Savage, who just talks for a living, is banned?


Ghastly, isn't it.

We'll have more about a response to this.

Thanks for writing.


Correct me if I am wrong, but this seems little more than an extension of what has been chattering class policy since the Rivers of Blood speech. Any serious criticism of what amounts to open borders (and non-Ghurka) immigration is derided as racism, as indeed is any criticism of Islam. People go to jail and lose jobs over this. You can add "gay rights" to that list of sancrosanct issues beyond the sphere of any legitimate debate.

Maybe some good will yet come of this. Perhaps the Telegraph or some of the major publications will actually begin to debate these sacred cows that are changing the very fabric of Britain unremaked.

peter the teacher:

Thank your God for the likes of Monckton and Savage. In Britain we are swamped by mountains of bilge about Climate Change. The once excellent Greenpeace has been taken over by the eco-thugs and lunatic organisations like Rising Tide and Plane Stupid get celebrity status for their activist crimes. Stupid "celebs" like Bono fly their circus around the world emulating Archbishop Al Gore. Help !!

Please read "Global Warming as Religion " at by Roger Brignell. Don't forget your own John Coleman and the late John Daly.

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