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Battling against 'the thing'


Path between beech trees

Will, Ed and Ginger's email (see below) reminded me of William Cobbett, travelling by horseback and on foot round England.

But Cobbett was not singing, he was battling against 'the thing' - a thing that resembles the thing many people see rising ominously today.

In the early 19th century the 'thing' was a state of affairs that saw place-seekers and fund-holders in Parliament make profits for themselves and their friends by exploiting rural people and workers. They did this through unjust wage laws and taxes.

Writing the literary masterpiece Rural Rides, William Cobbett asks,

“If such an operation do not need putting an end to, then the devil himself is a saint.”

Today few in Britain or America are as poor as the people Cobbett met on his rides, but 'the thing' is gathering strength - tying us down with ridiculous and unnecessary laws, stealthily (or not so stealthily) taxing us, watching and videotaping us, putting us into DNA databases, feeding us lies through the media and gnawing away at our rights. The 'thing' is visible in those MPs who have sold out the British people to the European Union and those US representatives who trade hard-earned taxpayer money in the form of earmarks for corporations and in exchange receive contributions to their campaigns.

You'll think of other things.

You can read more about Cobbett in the Liberty Timeline.

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