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Kate Winslet is studious and she has learned something important

She approaches her characters with curiosity and determination, with an anatomist's keenness to discover what makes them tick rather than a narcissist's desire to refashion them into glibly "relatable" versions of herself. She annotates every corner of her script, which resides in a satchel with a Dictaphone, a notebook, a camera, a pencil case, snapshots and any other tools she thinks she'll need. She's hungry, persistent, questioning.

And she may win an Oscar this year, after so many Academy Award nominations we've lost count. Her most important lesson as an actress came from Australian writer-director Jane Campion -

"You don't have to have the audience like you. . .the desire to be liked and appreciated is not what acting is about."

We think that might hold true for quite a few things - parenting, doctoring, doing the right thing. . .


Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke, 1999, directed by Jane Campion

Film critic Mark Harris suggests these are Kate Winslet's 10 best roles.

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