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Heroism - Harry Gregg



He heard 'Run, you stupid bastard, it's going to explode!' and climbed back inside the burning fuselage to rescue those who were still alive but too injured to move - his team-mates and fellow passengers.

Fifty-one years ago today, a 25-year-old footballer called Harry Gregg did what needed to be done in the aftermath of the Munich air disaster, which killed 23 of the 44 people on board.

The Manchester United goalkeeper saved the lives of a pregnant woman and her small daughter and pulled Bobby Charlton, Dennis Violett and Matt Busby to safety. For this, he was called the Hero of Munich. . .He dragged the injured and maimed through the snow with his big, goalkeeper's hands.

He is "the cast-iron, copper-bottomed, unimpeachable, straight-down-the-line genuine article."

A sportsman. A hero.


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