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Hurray, strikers!

Wildcat strikes have hit Britain, the French have taken to the streets and the Germans may bring down their government. Angry people across the EU are discovering the fine print in all the treaties signed by their leaders, writes Janet Daley -

The peoples of Europe have finally discovered what they signed up to. I do mean "peoples" (plural) because however much political elites may deceive themselves, the populations of the member states of the EU are culturally, historically and economically separate and distinct. And a significant proportion of them are getting very, very angry.

Not a moment too soon.

Among countless other crimes (the deliberate destruction of British fishermen, to name one) the EU elites have sent hundreds of thousands of poor workers flooding across borders, thereby reducing wages and destroying communities.

The drafting in of low-wage work gangs has always been seen as unjust: exploitative of the foreign workers, and destructive of the social cohesion of existing communities. . .An individual travelling to seek work, prepared to take his chances in fair competition with local workers is one thing: the organised recruitment of people from the poorest regions of the poorest countries in Europe in order to reduce employers' wage costs in the more prosperous ones, is something else altogether.

What it is is dead wrong.

As Daley points out, the free trade in goods, which is essential to the global economy, is very different from the "free movment" of wage slaves.

This is what happens when the unaccountable, undemocratic regime that is the EU tries to destroy centuries of freedom and constitutional development.

As usual Janet Daley is wonderful.

We note that in Britain the struggle for fair wages erupted in the Great Revolt in the 14th century and in the formation of unions in the 19th, led by, among others, the match girls.

Thanks to Instapundit for the link.

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