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SOS January

Iris Binstead has released another terrific edition of SOS, news about Britain and the EU.

Not good news, most of it, but good for Brits and Americans who love Britain to know. Survival rates increase when people are warned.

Everything the EU does is aimed at gobbling up power from member states and free peoples for itself. Not surprisingly the details of this enterprise are gross. As Iris details -

1) The EU plans to take over Britain's North Sea oil, making energy bills even more expensive for Brits.

2) The EU will load more costs on to business at a time when companies are struggling to survive.

3) The EU is now busy producing more uncompetitive, social-model economic policies to undermine whatever flexibility remains in the labour markets. This despite the fact that flexibility means a great deal to workers as well as to business for flexibility means workers can move out of a job they dislike to one they like.

There is much more of blood-curdling interest, including fraud and databases. You can get your own copy by emailing Iris at

I wonder - The Eurocrats despise Britain, but there are Brits who consider themselves europhiles. Would another name for europhile be masochist?
Our file on the EU is here.

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A Betts:

Like Brown, the EU is another ASSET STRIPPER.
They both strip the native populations of their economic wealth, political freedoms & national identities/ heritages so they can hand it out to compliant speculators and pc-conformist ideological groupies. In this way they CONTROL & steamroller any non-compliant viewpoint!

Brown approved the sale of 395 tons of gold, which at recent prices meant he lost YOU & ME US$7 billion.

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