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A nice haul of GGs


Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road
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Slumdog Millionaire took four Golden Globes, or "GGs" as director Danny Boyle calls them - for picture, direction, screenplay and score. We waxed enthusiastic about the Anglo-Indian film in November.

Tom Wilkinson took a Globe for best supporting actor in a miniseries - Ben Franklin in John Adams. Sally Hawkins took a Globe for comedy actress for her role in Happy-Go-Lucky, and Kate Winslet, astonishing herself, took home ">two Globes, for best dramatic actress for Revolutionary Road and supporting actress for The Reader. She was directed by her husband, Sam Mendes, in Revolutionary Road.

May I insert a cross note?

Revolutionary Road is based on the premise that living in the safe and comfortable tree-shaded suburbs is stultifying and a death sentence for the artistic soul. (Never mind that it would be heaven on earth for the people from Slumdog Millionaire.)

Why is it that the artistic souls making these movies do not not find living in comfortable, tree-shaded townhouses and country houses to be stultifying?

Actually the safe suburbs were a good place for children to grow up, and quite a few of them became interesting people.

By the way, am I the only person who thinks that Dev Patel, hero of Slumdog, should have been nominated for and received best actor? His not-traditionally-handsome, innocent, expressive face was a joy to watch.

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A betts:

The British "government" should have swept the GGs for its shallow potrayal of representing the interests of the British nation.

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