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Sir Alan Walters

Sir Alan Walters who died on the 3rd of January, aged 82, was Margaret Thatcher's main economic adviser from 1981 to 1984 and in 1989. In 1989 he published an article opposing the United Kingdom's membership of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, when it was government policy to join this idiotic venture. (The ERM was the pitiful prelude to the euro.)

Britain's subsequent joining proved in the event to be a disaster.

In 1997 Sir Alan stood as a candidate for Sir James Goldsmith's Referendum Party. The Referendum Party obtained a commitment from the Conservative Party to hold a national referendum should Britain seek to join the euro. This commitment was subsequently taken up by the two other main parties.

He was a professor of economics at MIT, LSE and Johns Hopkins.

We could use his economic wisdom today.

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A betts:

In the 1970's I told a student from LSE that the school should be closed as it was a useless teaching institution as reflected in the terrible state of the British economy.

That is even truer today!

Governments, companies & financial institutions are too ready to adhere to bogus, b*** s*** economic intellectuals who make a living by dipping their hands into others' pockets. The list is long Brown, Greenspan, Bernake. . .

Housewives making ends meet are better economists than the ones coming out of LSE & other so-called great centres of learning!

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