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Not complaining



Here in Portland, Oregon, the snowfall has been terrific. The white roads are perfect for horse and sleigh. Since we had lost electricity, I walked out to stock up on candles, chocolate and batteries for the radio. The grocery was running on a generator - the aisles were dim - but the check-out was working. I loaded up my backpack, and walked the hill back home.

Pushing through the crust of ice through the snow and panting, I thought about the incredible journeys that Brits had taken in the Antarctic. Dying in blizzards, they kept putting one foot ahead of another, hauling sledges loaded with fossils that showed ferns had once grown in a continent now shrouded in snow, pulling themselves out of crevasses, and in Mawson's case, reattaching the soles of his feet when they fell off due to the cold.

When we first put the Extreme Journeys file together, I was surprised by the inspiring stories I had not heard before. It's a good read on a snowy day.

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