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Simon de Montfort

A reader wrote us that he disliked Simon de Montfort's involvement in the repression of the Albigensians. We found that odious, too, but that was not Simon, who was only one year old when the attacks began, but his father, also named Simon.

Simon de Montfort's fiery contributions to the creation of Parliament are here.

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Mr AB Politically Incorrect:

It is the singular lack of leaders of vision like de Montfort, which has caused this nation to fall from a moral pinnacle in 1945 to a mediocrity colonized by politically sterile ideologies & gravy-train opportunitists. It is up to its neck in debt & debris from around the world, which it had once fought to protect from tyranny.

Even Britishness has elements of racism & can be offensive under this ideology.

It will not be long before de Montfort is brushed out of the history books or relabelled politically incorrect!


No Simon de Montforts in Britain since the end of WWII - only sterility,& mediocrity & "inoffensive" brain washing for the brain dead.


Simon was the most important personality in the XIII-th Europe. He is my hero, I am doing a research in order to show it. Unfortunately, I am not English and not an historian!

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