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Graham Wood writes Mr Sturdy

Mr Sturdy is the prospective Conservative candidate for the Vale of York. In response to the current financial crisis, his party has declared that the government should never again spend more than the country can afford.

Interested by this stirring avowal of a principle long missing-in-action, Graham wrote to Mr Sturdy to ask a pertinent question. First he reviews a few facts, familiar to readers of this blog -

Britain's net contribution to the EU after the 'rebate' is an astonishing £10.2 billion every year.

This money could be put to alternative programmes which could substantially improve the lot of people experiencing some unprecedented economic challenges:

Cut Council Tax by nearly 50%.

Build 40 brand new general hospitals each year.

Employ an extra 320,000 nurses each year.

Cut the main rate of corporation tax by 11p.

Cut basic rate of income tax by 3p.

Raise the inheritance threshold from £300,000 to £2,925,000.

Raise income tax personal allowance? by £2000.

Cut petrol duty by 75%.

Pay the total bill for the London Olympics in less than a year.

Graham asks, "In the light of such figures, which to my knowledge no MP or party is able to dispute, the urgent question arises - by what ethical or moral principle are such payments to the European Union now justified?"

Comments (2)

John Wrake:

Graham Wood asks pertinent questions of Mr. Sturdy.

Experienced debt counsellors advise those in trouble to carry out 2 basic actions to begin their recovery.

1. Cut up your credit cards!
2. Cancel any subscriptions to expensive clubs or societies.

When will we hear a responsible politician call on the government to stop further borrowing and cancel our payment of billions for EU membership?

Roger Hayes:

As we all know the cost of the EU is a no-go area for discussion for all MP's. If Graham gets a straight answer to his straight question I will soak my behind in BBQ fuel and set it alight whilst sitting atop my Christmas tree.

I am confident that my fairy will still be there when the holiday season is over.

But a very nice try anyway Graham.

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