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Courage in Bombay

We noted the coolness of the Brits attacked in Bombay. We also would like to salute the courage of the Indians who risked their lives to protect their guests. From the Times -

They were heroes in cummerbunds and overalls. The staff of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel saved hundreds of wealthy guests as heavily armed gunmen roamed the building, firing indiscriminately, leaving a trail of corpses behind them.

Among the workers there were some whose bravery and sense of duty led them to sacrifice their own lives, witnesses said.

. . .The Taj Mahal had been renowned for its sublime service for decades. Few of the hotel's wealthy patrons would have predicted, however, that the men and women who delivered their meals and carried their bags - people earning a fraction of the sums of those they served - would display such courage and composure as the death toll quickly rose around them.

As the terrible events of Wednesday night unfolded, the staff of what had been Bombay's finest hotel leapt into action. Scores of tales later emerged of unnamed workers hiding guests, barricading doors, tending the vulnerable and issuing orders.

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